Alice Jackson

Alice is in her first year of a veterinary degree at the University of Queensland

Alice Jackson

“Why Australia? I had always loved the idea of visiting or working here once I’d finished a degree. But studying seemed much more fun. I love travelling and UQ’s veterinary science degree has accreditation in lots of countries –it seemed the perfect opportunity!

“UQ Gatton is a campus I have just fitted into perfectly! The halls of residence are different to halls in the UK as returning residents get at least 50% of the places. This means there are older residents around to help you if you have any questions. Even the staff are other hall members. One thing that struck me about halls is that in England you have a room and that’s pretty much it. In Australia they have so many events to keep all the students together and the community in halls is so positive.

“I am first year Shelton (which is my hall) representative and I love it! We help run events and I keep my peers up to date on things that are happening within halls. Events we have run so far include a dinner under the stars, a trip to Stradbroke Island and sports tournaments. As a student there are always lots of different ways to socialise. We have an on campus club and there is a club night every Wednesday which is always themed (so fun). The residential staff in the halls organise events too; there has been rock climbing, a pool party, an Easter egg hunt and a Brisbane scavenger hunt.

“I love the course as we get involved in practicals at least once a week. The semesters are quite lengthy so I feel that I am covering a lot during my degree and that  I am really getting my money’s worth. The course is expensive, however I am loving every minute of it and would really encourage anyone to do at least a semester here in Australia as it is such a great experience!”

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