Andrew White

Studying a Graduate Diploma of Education at Monash University in Melbourne

“I’m studying at one of Monash’s smaller campuses in Frankston called the Peninsula Campus. It’s quite small but lies about half a mile from the beach. When I arrived I didn’t have that long before the weather turned into winter but I went to the beach a few times with friends from uni. Trust me I will defo being going to the beach when it turns properly hot – it’s so cool down there. If you go just a little further out from this part of the city there are some amazing views and parts of Victoria to see, like the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles.

“Monash apparently has one of the most recognized courses in teacher training in Australia. Why didn’t I apply sooner?! Oh well, it’s happening now and all is good. I’m about halfway through and have got 2:1 and first class honours so far for my assignments. My school placements also have been very positive; I taught in a private school, Wesley College, which is well known in Melbourne. They seemed impressed and would like me to go back to teach next year when I’m qualified, as a supply teacher. If I’m still in Melbourne I would love to – it is such a cool school.

“Moving to the other side of the world to study isn’t easy and if it wasn’t for our friends here it would have been much harder. My friends Joel and Rebekah kindly offered for us to stay at their house while we’re here (my girlfriend Fiona came to Melbourne with me). I met Joel in 2008 when my mate Oli and I were in Australia working in a picker/packer factory near the city, it was a horrible job but well paid especially when you’re backpacking around the world, we did anything we could to get extra cash! Anyway, Joel and Bek have put us up until we can afford to move out which has been amazing and I thank them loads, like I do everyone else for allowing this to happen for me.”

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