Anil Savio Kavuri

Anil studied a PhD at Australian National University

Currently: Visiting lecturer at Loughborough University

Anil Savio Kavuri

Prior to joining ANU, though my passion was always to make an impact on economic thought, I decided to work in banking. So, after my education, which included a BSc in Economics at UCL, an MPhil in Finance at Cambridge University and a Masters in Energy and Economics at Columbia University in the US, I started working in New York as a project financier on Wall Street.

After being a consultant at the World Bank and working on Wall Street, however, I decided it was time to follow my passion and enter academia. I completed my PhD in Economics from the ANU in 2018. Being British, I decided to return to the UK to work and I am currently a visiting lecturer at Loughborough University, teaching economics and finance to masters students. My role involves writing up lecturer notes, lecturing, marking exam papers and so forth.

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