Ashley Phillips

Ashley studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne

"I studied Philosophy at University of Melbourne for about a year and a half.  Though I didn't graduate, and now live back in London, I got quite a bit out of the course at a time that was pretty difficult for me.  Whilst not everything was straightforward to understand and adjust to with regards to the difference in educational procedure, and Australian testing standards, Study Options did a pretty good job of outlining the basics of the choices I had, and helped me stay on top of the things I needed to do before I went.  As well as this they helped me to meet other people in a similar position both prior to, and at the beginning of, my move."

"While no career or role I have worked in since has had much to do with my course, my studies have certainly had a positive impact in my personal life from time to time.  One of the things I valued most about Melbourne's system was the wide number of alternative and inter-disciplinary courses and choices that were available to me.  For someone who had begun doing a BSc, and changed to a BA, this was very welcome. It's also important to note the flexibility the institution provides to change your mind on specifics of your course, without elongating your time commitment too much, at least whilst you are in your first year."

"Some of the inter-disciplinary courses offered by the VCA (Victorian College of Arts) through the university I found to be really outstanding, and an amazing way to meet like-minded people across a number of different courses.  I volunteered briefly for UMSU (The International Students Society) whilst I was there, and can only describe the University's commitment to integrating international students, and promoting a healthy diversity within the institution, to be a massive strength."

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