Ben Cartwright

Ben started the Master of Integrated Water Management at the University of Queensland in February 2014

Ben Cartwright is studying at the University of Queensland.  Pictured here outside the Sydney Opera House

“I am studying the Master of Integrated Water Management at UQ in Brisbane. I had not been to Australia before but the course really appealed to me and it seemed like a great opportunity to see the other side of the world as well. I also really liked the fact that the cohort for the course was very international with 35 students from 30 countries. This has given me great exposure to a variety of cultures and global perspectives.

“The course focuses on the management of water from a global multi sector perspective. I have about 20 hours per week of lectures and up to 30 hours is spent on private study.

“As this is my second degree, I do spend most of my time studying but Brisbane is a fantastic city with international sporting, cultural and dining experiences to be found and a wide range of shops. I currently live in private rental accommodation with other international students - it is very clean and comfortable, though a little more expensive than I would like! I would recommend booking somewhere temporary to stay before you get here. I used AirBnB and this gave me time to find more permanent accommodation. Just for peace of mind, I agreed to the accommodation until my flight home in December but in hindsight I should have just agreed to rent the room until the end of the first semester as that would give me the chance to go away for the inter-semester break and not pay rent!

“I found the process of applying very smooth and well facilitated and Study Options definitely helped me through the process. I found it very reassuring to speak to friendly, knowledgeable people who could help guide me through the process.”

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