Bo Hu

Bo is studying a PhD in Education at the University of Melbourne

Bo Hu

“Hi! This is Bo. I am writing this sitting in the Giblin Eunson Library at the University of Melbourne after having an amazing cup of Australian coffee…

“I chose to study in Australia because it gave me the chance to work with a group of leading scholars in my field of research: multilingualism. Being a research student anywhere is not easy because you have to spend a lot of time reading and writing on your own. Once you have found a research ‘gap’ and started working on it, to some degree, you might be the only person exploring the topic. That means you might not have many peers like you did during your undergraduate or masters degree you can talk to about your work, so you need to be able to organise your studies and life independently. Although of course you can always talk with your supervisory team about any problems you come across during your research. The University provides research training sessions, which I find very helpful, as they allow you to meet other research students and scholars.

“I came here after studying for two years in the UK. Compared to the UK, I think Australia is actually more multicultural and multilingual although the UK has done really well in its cultural diversity. It is not difficult here to find delicious, authentic Asian or European food, or a glass of Australian wine (the sort of wine you may not get in the UK)! And if you are a coffee addict, I am sure Melbourne will not let you down. Sadly, I have not had much time to travel around the countryside and other interesting places in Australia yet due to my very busy research schedule, but I would definitely like to do that at some point in the future.

“Good luck with your application and enjoy your future studies in sunny Australia!”

What Bo says about applying through Study Options for his PhD...

"Laura and Alexis were extremely helpful during my application.  At the very beginning, they sent me a list of all the documents I'd need for the application and guided me on how to prepare those materials (this was much clearer than the list on the University website!) They also made the application much more personal - you always can talk to them whenever you have queries.  And their services are completely free of charge!"

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