Catxere Casacio

Catxere is a PhD student at the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland

Catxere Casacio

“I was living in a tiny Spanish island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when I started my Ph.D. application at UQ. The whole process – bureaucratic and demanding – took a year. At one stage it was starting to feel impossible to finish the application without flying myself to Australia! But I then discovered that the application could be done with Study Options in the UK – a comparatively short direct flight away. Their outstanding job made the process easy and smooth; every problem in the way they solved as if it was their own, making my life much easier!

“Once in Australia, the ingress at university was straightforward. I had some help from friends with housing. One thing I found though – if you are on a scholarship, be aware that the fees of the university are not all covered by the scholarship, so be aware of things like the Student Services and Amenities Fees.

“Life in Australia is in general amazing: Brisbane in particular is a bucolic city, it has many parks and green area and a beautiful river (which is the often the best way to get to the university), bikes and bike paths growing fast, the university is easily accessible, the campus is gorgeous, quality of life is outstanding (food, air, water, transport, security…) and the cost of living is very accessible for students.”

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