Duaa Zuhair Al-Hamid

Duaa is an Engineering PhD student at AUT in Auckland

Duaa Zuhair Al-Hamid

“I was interested in a PhD in New Zealand as I had heard about the good opportunities for PhD students such as the domestic fees for international students. Study options helped me a lot with information related to universities, application process and life in New Zealand.

“I still remember the moment when I received my New Zealand study visa, how excited I was and how happy my parents were to see me taking this huge step. I arrived Auckland in January 2017 and my head was full of many questions about the country, the people and my study.

“There were some downs in the beginning but I always put in mind my goals, ambition, and my family’s encouragement in achieving my dreams. Later, I adjusted easily with the community as the people here are friendly and helpful. 

“During my first year, I got the opportunity to be part of the staff as a teaching assistant in the engineering school which has added a lot to my progress. That proved to me that my decision in coming to Auckland was a good one. 

“I would encourage people who want to follow their dreams in finishing their study in a beautiful country like New Zealand to make the decision and go for it. You may face some challenges in the beginning but this is life! Sometimes we need to struggle to succeed in life.”

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