Ella Syvret

Ella started her degree at the University of Melbourne in February 2018

“I originally applied to study in the UK but did not get into my chosen university. I am now very thankful that things worked out the way they did as I have ended up on the adventure of a lifetime studying in Melbourne!!

“I came across Study Options after doing some research on applying for university in Australia. The prospect of studying abroad had seemed like a very daunting task with all the long application forms, visas and other requirements. I felt very overwhelmed and at a bit of a loss with where to start but as soon as I got in touch with Study Options they made the whole process seem very achievable. They were constantly on hand to guide me through the process and had so much knowledge and so many connections to make my application as easy as it could be.

“I have now been living in Melbourne for three months and am so grateful for this opportunity. The city is absolutely fantastic and has so much going on, I have made some great friends and the University has been wonderful. The lecturers are so knowledgeable in their fields and make each lecture interesting and engaging. I feel very lucky to be receiving the education I am and love the system at Melbourne University whereby I can choose multiple subjects and eventually major in one. It has allowed me to broaden my knowledge on a variety of areas and develop my interests before deciding where I want to focus.

“Although being on the other side of the world has at times presented some challenges, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience and built my confidence. I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

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