George Cooper

Studying a PhD in Geology at Victoria University of Wellington

"After graduating from Leeds University with a masters degree in geology, I decided to head to Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) to undertake a PhD in geology. I first visited New Zealand on an exchange programme, as VUW is an exchange partner of Leeds. Choosing New Zealand as a destination was an easy decision to make, as it meant I could experience the diverse geological landscapes spread across the country, especially the active volcanic landscapes of the central North Island.

"I was on the exchange programme for two semesters and generally found the teaching style quite relaxed, with lecturers more approachable compared to universities in the UK. During this time I managed to fit in plenty of travel, by way of class field trips and personal travel around New Zealand over the summer break.

"It was during my exchange year that I got to know staff in the Geology Department and they encouraged me to consider applying for a PhD. I completed my masters degree at Leeds and applied for the PhD, gaining a scholarship from Victoria in the process. I am now studying in the University's Geology Department with some of the world's leading volcanologists.

"I really enjoy the lifestyle here in Wellington. The city has a friendly, town-like feel to it, but complete with all the features you would expect from a large city. I especially enjoy the outdoor environment and Wellington has a lot of that to offer, all located close to the city centre."

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