Israel Lemus Guillen

Israel from Mexico, is studying the Master of Engineering (Aerospace and Aviation) at RMIT University

After a 3-year search for the perfect programme combining aviation and aerospace, Israel found what he was looking for at RMIT.

“I wanted to study overseas not only to enrich my academic education, but also to enrich my life with other cultures, customs and food. I decided to move to Melbourne because Australia is a multicultural country, and RMIT had the programme that I most liked. 

“For more than 3 years I was looking for a Master that could combine aviation with aerospace – something my programme does. This programme appealed to me because it was an innovative and interesting programme, focusing on the aviation needs in the Asia-Pacific region, the fastest-growing zone in the world. 

“So far it has been an amazing experience thanks to the quality of the lectures, the knowledge of the professors and their willingness to share their industry experiences. Plus, the assignments are very focused on what I would like to do after finishing this programme. I’ve had to do group assignments involving creating an airline from scratch, and investigating airplane accidents trying to uncover what went wrong and how to prevent future accidents. 

“I like how RMIT has a mix of the academic and industrial world. Almost all my professors here have a background in industry or currently work in the aviation industry. They can give you an actual perspective of what is going on out there, what are the problems they face on a daily basis and potential problems. I like how they teach us how to identify potential problems that could impact safety – because at the end of the day, what matters most is that the airplane arrives at its destination in a safe and secure way. I did an internship in an airline back home, working as a repair engineer providing repair procedures for airplane engines, so I find this programme very interesting. 

“This programme is preparing me a lot for my future career. I can identify hazards that might jeopardise the safety and security of the airplane, the probability of its occurrence, what is going on inside an airline, how an airline works and how to be competitive in this tough market. I also get to think about the sustainability side of aviation. I’m learning that the aviation industry is trying to reduce its impact on our environment, as well as cut operational expenses. I don’t know what to focus on my future career – everything seems appealing to me. I just love it all. 

“I am on a scholarship from the Mexican government, but this scholarship does not cover all the tuition expenses, so RMIT supported me with the rest of the money that I needed. When I first arrived, I was worried about how I was going to pay the rest, but later when I was informed about the RMIT support, it made my day. Now I can focus 100% on my studies and I’m very thankful for that. 

“I went to an RMIT Spanish Club meeting and it was a pleasant surprise for me to meet so many Aussies fluent in Spanish and interested in Latino culture. Several had visited my country and other countries in South America, and it was nice to hear their experiences – about the places I loved to visit, the unforgettable food and the differences they’ve found between here and there. 

“In Melbourne, I get to meet and work with people from all over the world, especially Asia. Mexico isn’t influenced much by the Asian culture so it was an amazing surprise when I first arrived in Melbourne to see the influence Asian culture has over the city. Trying different types of food from different countries is what I love most about the city. I actually went to Vietnam because I loved the food that I tried here. So far it’s one of my favourite, and I thought that if it was tasty here, it will be tastier at the original place – and indeed it was!”

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