Jeremy Eames

Jeremy started the Master of International Studies at the University of Sydney in February 2018

Jeremy Eames and friend Emma enjoy the surf

“After completing my degree in 2013, I moved to London where I worked in advertising. The first six months were fun, but soon the novelty of living in such a large, cold, expensive city wore off - as did my interest in advertising, which I soon found was not for me. I wanted a change of scenery, a change of career goals that reflected my passions and to live somewhere completely different with great weather and friendly people – a world away from London! So enough was enough, and on a very rainy April day in 2016, I headed to the Australian embassy to find out more about studying abroad. Study Options were fantastic at providing me with information about universities in Australia and their course offerings. In particular, Sarah was exceptionally helpful in reading through drafts of my application. The application process was relatively straightforward, and Study Options helped a lot through the process.

“I left the UK on New Years Eve 2016 (TIP: this is the cheapest flight date over the Christmas period to fly to Australia) and arrived in a very hot and beautiful Sydney! My initial impressions were: ‘Wow I need sun cream ASAP!’; the friendliness of the people (the airport staff actually said Happy New Year to me) and how great the coffee was (seriously). I think it took me about six months to settle in fully and make friends etc. My advice would be say yes to everything; particularly if you are doing postgraduate study here, it can be harder to make friends - so be friendly, say hello to people in your lectures!

“I LOVE my course. I am studying the Master of International Studies focusing on political sciences, and it has truly changed me as a person (a big claim I know!). The university’s slogan is “unlearn”, as in unlearn your ways of thinking that you have been taught since school and it really does challenge you to do that. I’ve been in guest lecturers with people who have worked for the United Nations, ambassadors and politicians. Sydney University is absolutely stunning and right next to the city. There is even a swimming pool in the park grounds! As an LGBT person being here for the marriage equality Yes day was also quite something. Most of the tutors really care about your success and are passionate about helping you strive. In many ways, Sydney University is like being an adult at Hogwarts.

“Uni life is certainly different here than it is back home. In the UK there tends to be a big emphasis on drinking and living away from home which I have not found here, and it changes the dynamic of your university experience in a good way. I would say in many ways university life here is far more relaxed but also far more rigorous (this is particularly good if you’re a postgraduate student). My advice to students thinking of coming to study in Australia would be DO IT. My top three things I love about studying overseas (aside from it always being sunny and lazy afternoons on the beach), have been experiencing a different culture, making friends from around the world and exploring Australia. The things I miss from home the most are TV! British TV is the best in the world!”

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