Jiayu Jin

Jiayu will start a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney in February 2016

“I applied for a bachelor degree of commerce at the University of Sydney on 7th January 2016 and received the unconditional offer within three working days. I must say this would not happen without enormous help from Study Options. I am very grateful for the service they provided and I am happy to tell the story I have been through with those wonderful people.

“I am an A-levels student from Beijing. Having heard of the amazing experience of Australia from my British roommate, I decided to look in to the opportunity of studying there. I chose to study in Australia because, first, students have more contact hours with school every week; second it takes a shorter period of time to acquire a bachelor degree than in America; third, the courses in the universities are much more flexible than at universities in the UK; fourth, Australia will provide post-study work visas for oversea students and, last, the weather in Sydney and Melbourne are great. 

“Study Options is an organisation that has been highly recommended by Australian government and Universities. I contacted advisors at their Bristol office and talk with them in person with regarding to the support service.

“Sarah helped me to select the Australian universities according to my interest and ability. Right after I got the confirmation of enrolment from the University of Sydney, she advised me further with regarding to accommodation, insurance and air ticket, etc. Carla chased the application for me every single day and also provided the information about opening an Australian bank account in the UK before I go. Stefan helped me steps by steps with the student visa application and checked with every document before it was sent over.

"I believe I am very lucky to meet them. Beside the necessary application fee for the student visa, I haven’t spent a penny. They are efficient and they are professional.  The whole application process was going very smoothly and I would like to recommend Study Options to any students who want to study in Australia."





Sarah 耐心的按照我的实际学术水平和需求,帮我挑选适合我的澳洲大学。在拿到录取后,提供了住宿,机票,手机卡与医疗保险等信息。Carla老师每天都会跟踪大学申请进度,及时的去告知我最新的状态,并且提供澳洲银行开户的信息。Stefan老师座下来手把手的教我如何申请澳洲留学生签证以及未来签证方面的问题。


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