Kim Trask

Kim did Study Abroad at Massey University

Kim Trask

To me, studying abroad presented the unique opportunity to learn about a course I love in a different part of the world, and at the same time be fully integrated in a foreign community. New Zealand is also one of the most beautiful places in the world and as it was an English-speaking country, I was confident I would feel fully immersed in a new culture but wouldn’t have to struggle with a language barrier.

Massey University’s communication programme stood out because it gave me the opportunity to complete the electives for my home university, as well as gain internship credit. The communication internship course is designed to be flexible around a student’s schedule. I always welcomed the escape from my “student life” routine to come to work and have the chance to enjoy conversation with other adults about things other than homework.

After returning home and graduating I have been working in roles that concentrate on organisational and risk communication as I work my way up to an HR manager role. I have found having overseas study experience on my CV a real benefit as people are always interested in hearing about my experience and learning about New Zealand.

To someone thinking about coming to Massey, I would thoroughly recommend them to do it. You will be studying at a great campus, in a beautiful and safe country, with lots of time to explore. I would also advise joining clubs and studying in the library as it is a social area and really easy to meet a new face. While the programme here is amazing and very supportive, it is up to you to integrate into your community and get to know the Kiwis.

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