Nerijus Visockas

Nerijus graduated from the University of Nottingham and then went to ANU to study a Master of Finance

“After graduating at the peak of financial crisis I weighed up my options and decided to do a postgraduate qualification in order to gain more skills and strengthen my employability. I feel very lucky to be able to study at ANU, one of the world’s top universities.

“Studying at the ANU is very different from studying in the UK. There are more assignments during the semester, and these tend to be more group work than exams, so not as stressful and – I think – better for mastering skills and knowledge. Class sizes are much smaller (20-35 students), which makes contact with lecturers better. Some lecturers had memorised everyone’s names after two weeks of study! The study environment is also friendlier, and less formal.

“ANU is central to Canberra’s life. It is in the city centre and the nightlife is very much designed for students. You won’t find top nightclubs, but instead plenty of smaller venues concentrated in one place create a decent student club-crawling night.

“For those interested in getting part-time work there are plenty of jobs around throughout the year just outside university campus. Shops, restaurants and cafés mostly recruit students and are looking for staff every semester. I have been lucky enough to get a job in an award-winning restaurant, where I serve politicians and ambassadors. It is not only well paid, but also quite inspiring as I get to serve a few important people!

“What is different about living in Canberra? Well, I have seen Barack Obama visit while studying here, something that many larger cities could not claim! Also, the city is important enough to attract pop stars such as Lady Gaga.”

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