Olivia Pitt

Olivia is studying Master of Arts in Sustainability at the University of Sydney

Olivia Pitt is studying at the University of Sydney, pictured here at Taronga Zoo

“Hi all, I am about to finish my first of three semesters at the University of Sydney.  Being out here as a postgraduate is a greatly different experience to making this change as an undergraduate.  You have already been through the initial nerves and experiences of university and you feel far more prepared to take on the world, which is why I decided to make this change at the age of 21 rather than 18.  I study a course that I am passionate about; MA in Sustainability; and due to the nature of such a degree I am part of a small, intimate class of highly enthusiastic men and women of all ages and backgrounds; who inspire you to participate and work harder.  Is this not exactly what you want out of a new university and of your degree?

As a postgraduate you get a funny timetable mix of early morning and late afternoon/evening lectures.  For me, this means I have the large proportion of the day to do all the exploring and touring, or general café-hopping you like.  Sydney is a wonderful city for all of these.  Weekly, very random city-wide/local events occur, the most recent being Coldplay filming their new music video on the street outside my accommodation!  If music is not your thing, or the abundance of shopping, then you cannot escape the sport, and health & fitness attitudes that the Sydney residents have.  Running to the beach, to run along the beach, and then to dip into the ocean, to run back again; all before work!  Such a healthy and positive outlook it encourages you to do the same- there is something utterly satisfying about being able to run in the sunshine on the beach.

“To move across the planet is nerve-wracking. But what you must remember is that the distance is just numbers on paper. In the experience I have had, it has been the city and the people I have met that have reassured me this move was for the best. It only took me two weeks here to know I want to build a life for myself here after my course finishes. Adjusting does not take long if you are open to everything, luckily there is no language barrier… well, maybe an accent barrier!

“Of course, no report from me could be complete without mention of Study Options and the work they have done.  An organisation I stumbled upon about a year ago online, I was intrigued to find out what they had to say.  Much more than just information providers, this company both informs and excites you for your application and move. When my offer came through from Sydney I think they were as happy for me as I was! I found they could answer all and any questions I had – help with flight bookings, what to pack, accommodation options; as well as the small questions like how the buses work, and whether there are student discounts available.

“The correspondence was always quick and thorough. They are an invaluable service to use, so much so that I sent my sister to one of their information fairs and she was as impressed as I was!” 

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