Stephen Bennett

Stephen is from Manchester and was studying a Master of Commerce at UNSW Sydney

After doing a Bachelors degree in Manchester and completing a short stint in the workforce, Stephen wanted to do a Masters, and joined the Australian School of Business at UNSW because of its stellar reputation in the Asia-Pacific region. Now enrolled on the Master of Commerce, he is doing dual specialisations in business strategy and organisation and management studies, honing his interest in entrepreneurship.

"Lectures here are very engaging," he says. The Australian School of Business is home to global business leaders with close industry links, which enables the students to analyse real-life projects and business scenarios. "But instead of textbook solutions, we are taught to think independently and critique everything."

Stephen enjoys the cosmopolitan mix of students at UNSW. "At Masters level, you want university to be an environment where people from different backgrounds can come together to share ideas. I really enjoy talking to students from developing countries, in particular, about the way they view the world."

Stephen says UNSW checks all the boxes of a top university. But he is getting more from his study than he expected. "It's the openness of the spaces here in Australia that is so refreshing to someone from the UK, " he says. "It's the beaches close by, the sporty, outdoorsy culture and friendly atmosphere that makes it all so much more rewarding."

He feels his time at UNSW will give him a point of difference. "Studying abroad is key these days. Everyone studies in their home country. If you go abroad I think it shows employers that you are curious, willing to take risks. It sets you apart. I now have all these options open to me, globally."

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