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On this page and around the site you can find many student stories from current and past students.....

  • Postgraduate students
    New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Dan McNaughton

    Daniel began his PhD at the University of Sydney in early 2018.

    “I started thinking about further study after finishing my undergraduate degree in late 2016 and had an interview with my current supervisor while still in the UK. The interview was a success and I was offered a place in the group, but was also informed my supervisor would be moving to the University of Sydney and I would have to come too! Studying abroad was not something I had given much...

  • Postgraduate students
    Queensland The University of Queensland
    Christina Miller

    Christina started her research programme at the University of Queensland in 2018

    “I completed my studies in Animal Behaviour at the University of Exeter, UK, in 2015. At this time I was unsure of what I wanted to do so I worked a few short term contracts. I worked as a research officer with Frontier in Madagascar for six months, as a research assistant in the Bahamas for five months, and as a science leader with the British Exploring Society. From these experiences I decided...

  • Postgraduate students
    Western Australia The University of Western Australia
    Ana and baby Allegra

    Argentinian student, Ana, is a PhD student in Archaeology at the Centre for Rock Art Research And Management at the University of Western Australia

    “I was living in London when I met my current supervisor at a conference who encouraged for me to apply for a scholarship to undertake a PhD at the University of Western Australia. I finally decided to take the leap and apply for a PhD at the Centre for Rock Art Research And Management, as it is one of the most prominent centres worldwide for rock art research. Even though I already went through...

  • Postgraduate students
    Victoria Monash University
    Shruti Jani

    Shruti is studying the Monash University MBA

    “I had always planned to do my MBA five years into my career, ideally abroad. I choose Australia as I noticed a number of key players in my industry were looking to expand into the Asia-Pacific. Having knowledge about the Australian market and industry would therefore be a huge bonus when looking for future employment. Initially, I was overwhelmed with the number of options and universities...

  • Postgraduate students
    Queensland University of the Sunshine Coast
    Nicole with a wallaby

    Nicole has moved to the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to study a Master of Teaching

    “I fell in love with the beauty and the lifestyle of Australia when spending two years here on a working holiday visa. Having completed a bachelor degree in acting in the UK prior to my travels, I always knew that I had the option to complete higher study in Australia, but was nervous about the application process. I spent some time back in the UK working as a teaching assistant and considering...

  • Postgraduate students
    Queensland The University of Queensland
    Julia Ingram

    Julia is studying the Master of Tourism, Event and Hotel Management at the University of Queensland.

    “I graduated from the University of Surrey back in 2005, so embarking on a masters, aged 36, in Australia, was a scary but exciting move. However, it was the best decision I ever made, and I have not looked back. The University of Queensland is beautiful. The campus is stunning, and I continue to feel lucky every time I am strolling through the grounds.“Getting back into the academic...

  • Postgraduate students
    Victoria Deakin University
    Mariyah Hatim Hoosenally

    Mariyah enrolled on the Doctor Medicine at Deakin University, Melbourne, in February 2019

    “After moving all the way across the world from Hong Kong to London to do my undergraduate studies, I decided it was time to do the same again, and found myself moving from London to Geelong to commence my medical degree at Deakin. Applying for medical school is a demanding and bureaucratic process, from evaluating what MCAT/GAMSAT scores are required by each university, to checking how many...

  • Megan started her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne in July 2018

    “It is no secret that applying to any university is a massive and daunting task, let alone a university on the other side of the world! But it’s a decision that I have not regretted and I’d urge anyone who is thinking about studying in Australia or New Zealand to do it. So far my experience has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to continue my studies.“The application process to Australian...

  • Postgraduate students
    Queensland James Cook University
    Charlotte Russell

    Charlotte started a Master of Science (Marine Biology) at JCU, Queensland, in July 2018

    “I have now studied at three different universities in three different countries and by far JCU has been the best. I am a very practical person so I learn best when going out and practicing what you are being taught - JCU does this! The trips that they have available for postgraduate students in marine biology are great – I am going to the Galapagos islands in July.“The majority of the lecturers...

  • Life after university
    South Island University of Canterbury
    Jack Jarvis (left hand side)

    Graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Sport Coaching from the University of Canterbury

    I had a gap year out in Christchurch, New Zealand and fell in love with the country, the people and the Kiwi way of life, so looked into options to go to University out there. A friend of mine suggested that I contact Study Options to enquire about studying abroad, which I did and I never looked back! Study Options were absolutely outstanding, they helped me to find the right course and had an...

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