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  • Postgraduate students
    New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Jeremy Eames and friend Emma enjoy the surf

    Jeremy started the Master of International Studies at the University of Sydney in February 2018

    “After completing my degree in 2013, I moved to London where I worked in advertising. The first six months were fun, but soon the novelty of living in such a large, cold, expensive city wore off - as did my interest in advertising, which I soon found was not for me. I wanted a change of scenery, a change of career goals that reflected my passions and to live somewhere completely different with...

  • Postgraduate students
    New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Lydia Yang at Vivid Sydney 2018

    Studying the Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney

    "I chose the University of Sydney not only because of its good reputation but also because the city seemed extremely attractive and romantic to me - and it is!"I’m about to finish my first semester and life in Sydney is just amazing! You can always watch a show at the Opera House, go surfing at Bondi Beach, grab brunch with friends in the Rocks or enjoy a night-walk and fireworks at Darling...

  • Postgraduate students
    Victoria The University of Melbourne

    Leo is at the University of Melbourne studying the Master of Laws

    “I had always dreamt of going to Australia to travel. Never did I think that I would also be studying a Master of Laws at one of the most prestigious universities in the world; the University of Melbourne.“It was made much easier by the fact that Study Options did a lot of the legwork for me. All I had to do was provide them with the form and documents. A small piece of advice is to go to the...

  • Queensland The University of Queensland

    Studying at the University of Queensland

    "I am currently studying at the University of Queensland. UQ is ranked world’s top 50 in this year. The major campus is at St. Lucia (Queensland) and it provides many decent and modern facilities for students and attracts students from different countries."The School of Earth and Environmental Science offers various opportunities such as field trips. It enables us to explore the South East...

  • New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Maksim Valetov

    Maksim is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney

    "Having studied in the UK in the international boarding school for four years I received offers from universities in London but decided to choose Australia. There are several factors that contributed to this choice, but the main ones being: desire to explore new country, experience better climate and simply personal preference of starting something new in a new place."As for everybody, the...

  • Postgraduate students
    New South Wales UNSW Sydney
    Gerry Walker

    Gerry is about to graduate from the Master of Property and Development at UNSW

    I always wanted to do a masters degree, and knew if I didn’t do it soon I never would. I fancied a career break, and started my Masters in 2017. I was 49 years old when I started."After spending leisure time in Sydney and seeing what a wonderful city it is, I decided to enquire about doing it there. Getting a chance to live in such an amazing place at the same time as studying was just too...

  • Queensland The University of Queensland

    Elizabeth started her Bachelor of Business Management at the University of Queensland in 2015

    "I initially decided to study abroad after my dad’s work for transferred him to Australia.  I visited him the summer before I was due to start university and attended the university open day which left me impressed.  The decision to apply was easy, however the actual application process was much more difficult.  No one at the university seemed to know what the A-level grade...

  • New South Wales The University of Sydney
    Adriano Hoelzle de Moraes

    Adriano is studying a Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney

    "I am just about to finish my first semester as a Postgraduate Finance student at USyd, and I can tell you one thing for sure, the experience has been priceless! "After finishing my undergraduate degree, I felt like I still needed to develop as a student and most importantly, I wanted to get away from London for a while and discover another continent and culture. I wanted to have more sun in...

  • Victoria The University of Melbourne

    Ella started her degree at the University of Melbourne in February 2018

    “I originally applied to study in the UK but did not get into my chosen university. I am now very thankful that things worked out the way they did as I have ended up on the adventure of a lifetime studying in Melbourne!!“I came across Study Options after doing some research on applying for university in Australia. The prospect of studying abroad had seemed like a very daunting task with all the...

  • Western Australia The University of Western Australia
    Natasha Mason

    Natasha started her psychology degree at the University of Western Australia in February 2018

    “My decision to move to Perth and go to UWA for my degree has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I decided to do it because I wanted a change from living in the UK, somewhere with a different aesthetic and atmosphere! The culture in Australia is very laid back and different to the UK, which I like.“The process to apply and get a place at UWA was surprisingly calm and easy, thanks to the...

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