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No matter how familiar everything might seem, when you’re such a long way from home it’s important to know what support services are available – where and who you can go to if you need help.

The first place to go, at the first sign of an issue, is International Student Support. Every university has one of these – a dedicated team of people whose job it is to help you with any problem you might have, whether it’s academic, social, personal, financial or practical. Having trouble with a course? Tell them, they’ll either be able to put you in touch with an academic support service or liaise with the faculty to help sort out whatever the issue is. Worried a landlord is taking liberties with a tenancy agreement? Take the contract in to them to check. Can’t get rid of your homesickness? Go in and talk to one of the counsellors about it. Whatever the problem is, they’ll either be able to help you sort it out straightaway, or refer you to the person who can.

The most important thing to remember as an overseas student is help is always there, make sure you ask for it. If you don’t tell anyone when something’s wrong, they can’t help you to sort it out.

Quality Assurances & Protection for International Students


All Australian institutions that accept international students on to their courses must be CRICOS registered. CRICOS stands for Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. All institutions registered with CRICOS must comply with the requirements of the National Code of Practice, which sets out strict rules designed to protect the interests of international students studying in Australia. The Code is maintained by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training, which regulates the activity of educational institutions in the international market. For more information, go to

New Zealand

All New Zealand educational institutions that accept international students on to their courses must comply with New Zealand’s Code Of Practice For The Pastoral Care Of International Students, which sets out strict rules and regulations designed to protect the interests of international students in New Zealand. The Code of Practice provides a framework for minimum standards and good practice procedures as well as a complaints procedure. The Code of Practice is administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. For more information on the Code, please visit the Ministry’s website – go to

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