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Tester Semester

Like the idea of studying abroad, but not sure about committing to a full degree? If you’d like to test the waters before diving in, you can study overseas for just one term (around six months).

If you want to take time out after finishing school, a Tester Semester is a great way of studying at university for a relatively short time to see how you get on with higher education.

If, after your Tester Semester, you love studying overseas and want to stay on to complete your whole degree, you can apply to stay. The academic credits earned during your Tester Semester could be credited toward your full degree (which would mean that after your Tester Semester, you would already have half a year of your degree done!)

If you decide to come home and study in the UK instead, you will still have amassed experiences and insights that should serve you well going forward in other university applications, job applications and life in general!

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