Travelling with a partner or family

If you are not travelling on your own to Australia or New Zealand, there a few things you should know in order to bring your partner or family with you.

Travelling with a partner. Can they work while I study?

On the Australian subclass 500 visa your partner can work up to a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during your study.  This is the same amount of time that the student is allowed to work - a dependent on a student visa is therefore not able to work full time hours.  In order for your partner to be classed as a dependent on a student visa, and you are not married, you would need to show evidence of being in a committed relationship for at least 12 months.  In real terms, that means proving that you have lived together for at least that amount of time.

For New Zealand, your partner will need to apply for their own visa to be in the country (student visa, working holiday visa, work visa), unless your chosen course is in an area of absolute skill shortage (as defined by the New Zealand government). See the Immigration New Zealand website for more information.

Travelling with school age children.

School age children are able to travel on a student visa as dependents in Australia, but in New Zealand, each child would need to have their own student visa.

As an international student, you’ll also have to pay fees for your children to go to any Australian or New Zealand school (whether the school is state or private). Fees vary according to the age of your children and the state or territory that you live in, but expect fees of around AU$4,000 to AU$11,000 per year, per child in Australia and around NZ$9,000 to NZ$15,000 per year, per child in New Zealand.

Where can I find help on schools?

Go to the relevant Department of Education website for the state or area that you intend to study and live in. These are as follows:

Travelling with children over the age of 18

Children over the age of 18 are no longer classed as dependents by either Australia or New Zealand unless they have been in continuous education (i.e. children over 18, but still studying A-levels).  So, if your child is over 18 they will need to have their own visa to travel to Australia or New Zealand with you, although at this age, they are also eligible to apply for entry into an Australian or New Zealand university or college themselves and can travel on their own student visa.

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