• Murdoch University campus. Photo credit: Murdoch UniversityMurdoch University campus. Photo credit: Murdoch University
  • Busy students at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch UniversityBusy students at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch University
  • Common areas on Murdoch University campus. Photo credit: Murdoch UniversityCommon areas on Murdoch University campus. Photo credit: Murdoch University
  • Study veterinary science at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch UniversityStudy veterinary science at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch University
  • Lecture Theatre at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch UniversityLecture Theatre at Murdoch University. Photo credit: Murdoch University

Think Murdoch

  • Think world-class facilities
  • Think quality student services
  • Think scholarships
  • Think graduate employability
  • Think a wide-range of courses

Studying at Murdoch University isn’t just about learning in your chosen field. You’ll explore new ways of thinking, discover different perspectives and make a difference by applying cutting-edge theory with the real word experiences to ensure you’re ready for a successful career. We’re passionate about what we do and we’re here to help you get the skills, knowledge and life experience you need to achieve your goals.

Quintessentially Australian with far-reaching influence, our main campus is one of the largest in the country and our growing international footprint is supported by campuses in Dubai and Singapore.  As a Murdoch student, you will be supported to choose your own way and shape your own future – to explore, discover and benefit from more pathways than quality education.

Murdoch graduates are sought after by business industry as a result of the high-quality teaching, leading-edge research and relevant real-world learning which combine to shape the holistic Murdoch student experience and create distinctive competitive edge.

Murdoch University offers far more than a conventional education. Our courses bring together cutting edge-theory and real world practice to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for successful career. We aim to create leaders, innovative thinkers, and problem solvers who are capable of tackling contemporary issues on a local, national and global level. 

Murdoch University promises you a truly memorable study experience.

Think world-class facilities


Our campus houses the latest nursing facilities, where you will learn how to provide care in fully equipped nursing wards, treatment areas and simulation rooms, while using the latest audiovisual equipment, wireless technology and computer laboratories.


In our law clinic and electronic Moot Court facilities students can try cases in a court room environment and compete with other law schools around the world, thanks to the latest video satellite technology.

Media Arts Centre

Our industry-standard facilities include digital TV studios, sound stage, audio control rooms, four radio studios, six video edit suites and surround sound edit suites.     

Renewable Energy

Our facilities include outdoor test area, and engineering and energy laboratory, photovoltaic research equipment such as a solar simulator and rooftop photovoltaic arrays, and renewable-energy engineering laboratory which houses a comprehensive range of wind industry standard software. 

Think quality student services

Murdoch offers extensive support services for overseas students. These include an orientation programme; student advisers on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dedicated support for first years, courses advisors, accommodation assistance and social functions.

Think Scholarships

Murdoch offers a range of scholarships for international students with high academic achievement applying for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. For more information follow the Murdoch University link on our Scholarships and Funding page.

Think graduate employability

Improve your job prospects and set yourself up for life with a Murdoch University degree. As a student at Murdoch, you'll learn from renowned researchers and experienced academics at a world-class research university.

Our courses offer a blend of theory and practical work, with a focus on real-world applicability. We have strong partnerships with government, industry and the community, giving you the opportunity to undertake work placements or complete real-world projects in your field. By solving real workforce challenges you’ll develop a wide range of professional skills and knowledge, preparing you for a career anywhere in the world.

Think a wide range of courses, including:


Asian studies; Australian indigenous studies; communication management; community development; English and creative writing; games art and design; history; interactive digital design; journalism; public relations; sociology; theology; tourism and events management; sound; screen production; security, terrorism and counterterrorism and sustainable development. 


Early childhood care; primary education; secondary education.

Engineering and information technology

Computer science; cyber forensics & information security; internetworking and security; engineering (electrical power, environmental, instrumentation and control and more); extractive metallurgy; games software design and production; games technology; information technology; mathematics and statistics; and renewable energy. 

Health Professionals

Nursing; chiropractic science; counselling and health care management.


Law; criminology; legal studies; business law.

Management and Governance

Accounting; economics; hospitality and tourism management; human resource management; international business; marketing.

Psychology and Exercise Science

Cognitive neuroscience and health psychology; sport and health science; social and developmental psychology; exercise physiology.

Veterinary and Life Sciences

Animal science; biological science; conservation and wildlife biology; environmental sciences; marine science; forensic biology and toxicology; veterinary science; crop and pasture science; food security and protected area management;

Public Policy and International Affairs

Development studies; health administration; international affairs; public policy and management.

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