• The Quad during O-week. Photo credit: UNSWThe Quad during O-week. Photo credit: UNSW
  • Studying together. Photo credit: UNSWStudying together. Photo credit: UNSW
  • Study and relaxation areas around campus. Photo credit: UNSWStudy and relaxation areas around campus. Photo credit: UNSW
  • Around campus. Photo credit: UNSWAround campus. Photo credit: UNSW
  • The bikesheds offer plenty of storage space for cycle commuting students. Photo credit: UNSWThe bikesheds offer plenty of storage space for cycle commuting students. Photo credit: UNSW
  • Working in the Biomedical labs. Photo credit: UNSWWorking in the Biomedical labs. Photo credit: UNSW

UNSW Sydney has the ability to achieve great things and it is people, like you, who make the difference. We are committed to challenging traditional thinking, pushing boundaries, breaking new ground, and giving researchers and students alike the opportunity to realise their full potential.

By attracting a teaching staff of renowned researchers from the best universities around the globe, we are constantly reinvigorating our ways of thinking and seeing the world. We are working to create a rich, dynamic intellectual space to unite ideas to shape the future.

By consistently investing to upgrade teaching spaces, learning resources, research centres, labs and facilities, we will ensure UNSW remains a modern, vibrant campus with state-of-the art equipment. We are constantly striving to create a world-class learning environment for all. UNSW has established its position as a world-leading place of learning, thinking and growing, with highly applied, industry-connected research underpinned by an intensive academic focus.

  • UNSW is currently ranked 45 in the world overall (QS World University Rankings 2020)
  • We are ranked in the world’s top 50 universities for over 20 different academic subjects including law; mineral and mining engineering; psychology; environmental sciences; and accounting and finance (QS World University Rankings By Subject 2020)
  • We are a preferred university among employers, ranked 27 in the world for graduate employability (QS Employability Rankings 2020)
  • We are the 23rd most international university in the world (THE 2020)
  • We have more top ratings in broad fields of research (Excellence in Research for Australia 2018) and more impact cases rated high (2018 EI Assessment) than any other Australian university.
  • UNSW has educated four of the top five young rich listers in Australia (BRW Young Rich List 2019)

Innovate and change the world

We will transform your ideas and research discoveries into successful innovations to benefit communities around the globe, the economy and the future. We invest considerable resources in areas of research where we believe we can make the biggest difference. Here are just some of the important developments we are proud to have pioneered:

  • Solar power (photovoltaics): We hold the world record for the conversion efficiency of a silicon solar cell and are home to the world’s fastest solar powered car.
  • Clean drinking water: We created membrane filtration technology to filter water that is now used in taps around the world.
  • The bionic eye: We successfully trialled a bionic eye system that is a world first in terms of neural stimulation and clarity of vision.
  • HIV/AIDS: Since diagnosing the first case of HIV in Australia, we have been involved in the development of every existing antiretroviral drug.
  • The world’s largest computer: Using silicon, we are building the world’s largest supercomputer.

Creating a better world

As part of UNSW Sydney’s 2025 vision, we are establishing a Global Development Network, partnering with universities working to improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged communities in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. In partnership, we will achieve greater progress for those most in need.

The Sydney campus experience

Situated in the leafy eastern suburbs of Sydney, the main UNSW campus is within easy reach of the city’s famously beautiful beaches and the city centre. Enjoying a sunny, mild climate throughout the year, Sydney enjoys brilliant blue skies nearly all year round.

The campus is a vibrant hub of activity. Located on 38 hectares of land, it has its own banks, post office, supermarket, restaurants, medical centre and more. There are plenty of sporting and recreational spaces including an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool and a weights gym, plus the opportunity to join many sporting clubs and activities. There are over 300 registered social clubs you can join through the Student Association to expand your network.

We have almost 5,000 student beds available in our on-campus accommodation, in apartment-style or dormitory living options. The campus is in a medium-density area of Sydney, so renting privately nearby is also an option for those who wish to live off campus.

Programmes and study areas

Choose from over 900 bachelor, master and research degrees in academic fields including:

  • Advertising, marketing, PR
  • Architecture
  • Business, finance, IT
  • Climate science
  • Computer science
  • Design, fine arts, photography
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • International relations
  • Journalism, media
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Renewable energy engineering
  • Science

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